Pencil Vault

A new kind of save money.

Created by Pencil, not a bank.


Pencil Vault completely redefines everything about traditional banks.

It is the way you will change the whole fiscal industry.

Keep your money safe outside. Yours. No intermediates.

And it’s the first business way to keep your money safe that actually encourages you to safe less interest. Well, there is no interest.

Use it anywhere, no cards need it.



The power of Pencil Vault. In a Business solution.

Pencil Vault lives on your business as a new way of doing business internationally, easer and safe, and that makes all kinds of new things possible.

You can sign up in no time and start using it right away here. Once you deposit, the rest of the service, is free. For every deposit you make, you pay less initial deposit. And it really is cash. So you can trust it however you want, right from your home. Have a question? Just text. It’s that simple.

Save money will be never more easer.
Just 1 step.
We do the rest.

No manuals are needed.

  1. Deposit
  2. Pay
  3. There is no third step.