Our philosohpy

“At Pencil, we need to break away from all possible centralized systems; this is why we developed an extraordinary infrastructure to stop censorship and allow freedom of communication.”

What is the use of a custom domain?

It is a naming protocol compatible with the existing DNS. It does not replace the DNS protocol but replaces the root zone file (where TLD ownership is stored) and root servers with a distributed, decentralized system that anyone can use. This situation allows the root zone to be uncensorable, permissionless, and free from gatekeepers such as ICANN, which currently manages the root zone. On Handshake, users can register any name they can think of as a TLD and own them, unlike rented domains in the ICANN system.

All users on the network cryptographically validate and manage the root zone, eliminating the need for the Certificate Authority (CA) system (learn more). The Handshake blockchain registers names, i.e., a large distributed zone file where anyone has the right to add an entry.

Existing TLDs like .com, .net, .org (and Alexa’s top 100k names) are delisted from being registered on the network, and Handshake resolvers use traditional TLDs as a source of truth when visiting a traditional domain like Namebase.io. Of course, Handshake resolvers like NextDNS.io use the Handshake blockchain as a source of truth when you visit a Handshake domain (learn how to use NextDNS).

Get your domain name here, quickly and efficiently out of ICANN’s range.


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Glovout o Glovo out is the ultimate platform game, with almost a million players of other similar multi-platform games outside the App Store; now it’s here! So be part of the fun. It’s now playable without WiFi!

Glovout or Glovo out has lost his stars along the way, so to find them, he will need you to help him fly and dodge enemies through the fantastic realms of Glovout Glovo Out. Be careful, however. This place is full of beastly kites that will do everything they can to stop you. If you collect a star, you’ll earn a point! Ah, but health alone won’t keep Glovout or Glovo out of harm’s way, a single scratch will eliminate you from the battlefield, and the adventure – even an angry kite could sting you! Use your easy flying skills to guide Glovout or Glovo on his adventure – he’s amazingly flyable!

Be quick and skillful! And fly with Glovout or Glovo Out to find his stars. You’ll be able to reach between a series of levels, mind-blowing challenges, and incredibly well-designed. Glovout is determined to find them all!

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Maths Solver by Pencil, the slider percent app, lets you calculate, view, edit, and share your percent quickly and easily. Manage marks, fees, and tax or interest calculations attached to a screenshot, and send via messages from your phone with this powerful productivity app.

Work in data percent calculation, taxes, interest rates, or other fields confidently with anyone, anywhere. Quickly slide the most complex numbers, two decimals, and class marks with amazing features.

Review slide percent and run the results on the go. Customize numbers and the slider’s value the way you want with robust formatting tools and great features. The productivity app lets you build your slide calculation to meet your specific needs.

We do not collect and share your data; 100% Free of in-app purchase or paid apps are supported. Under crisis circumstances, we need free beautiful apps.